Expert Advice and Design Service

With the comprehensive range of designs and finishes offered by Amtico we recognise the need to provide expert advice, design ideas and an extensive range of samples to help you choose.

The Amtico Product

For nearly fifty years Amtico has designed, engineered and manufactured one of the most innovative flooring products in the world.

Established in 1964 in Coventry, England, Amtico has grown to become a worldwide brand. The range and variety of Amtico flooring is unsurpassed.

Amtico flooring is made from a resin and other components which are all compressed under high pressure and temperatures to produce an extremely durable and versatile flooring material. The rich variety of finishes is achieved through the use of a printed film protected by a durable surface layer.

Amtico flooring provides a tough, non-porous, easy to maintain surface which can be used throughout the house.

From contemporary "industrial" metallic, through modern wood, classic stone and rustic timber finishes the product provides the interior designer (professional and amateur alike) with an all-encompassing palette of colours and textures to work with. The addition of borders and inserts adds a further dimension to the design possibilities.